About Puro Arte


Puro Arte is an artist-led initiative with the mission to catalyze community revitalization through the arts.


Puro Arte vision is that the arts have an active role in transforming and elevating the social and cultural landscape of Los Angeles.


Twenty years ago, a group of artists started the Puro Arte Gallery and Performance Space in a small storefront on Temple Street in Los Angeles. For a year-and-a-half, it served as a venue where local and global artists congregated to explore what is Filipino American contemporary art.

Puro Arte was a place of reciprocation, exchange, and a return home to Filipinos in the Diaspora. It was a vehicle for Filipino American artists to share their various expressions, showcasing cutting-edge work in the visual arts, performance, music, literature, media, and other forms.

The inaugural show Coming Together (1997) presented notions of a shared identity of being. In 1998, Art Traffic made an impact in the Los Angeles Filipino art scene facilitating an exchange of ideas and emotions.

Puro Arte presented the Filipino American experience as a unique cultural identity that contributed to the vast spectrum of American society. Puro Arte was the place that bridged the knowledge gap, keeping in mind the contributions of the past and building the culture and art history of future generations.

Friends of Puro Arte

  • Jonathan Imai
  • Cirilo Rayos Domine
  • Rebecca S.E. Baroma
  • Oliver N. Mateo
  • Guia & Damon Woods
  • Pilipino Workers Center
  • Violeta & Francisco Quismorio
  • Cheryl Deptowicz-Diaz
  • Ladee Vicedo
  • Thelma P. Custodio
  • Agnes & Louis Eguaras
  • Irene Suico Soriano
  • Tita & Reuben Domingo
  • Napoleon Lustre
  • Emma & Amado Guanlao
  • Melanee Vicedo
  • Karen Eller
  • Mark Hermogeno
  • Yvonne Neal
  • Anna & Paul Dimayuga
  • Felix Racelis & Larry Nash
  • Jarand Abad
  • Maryrose Mendoza
  • Valerie Castillo Martinez
  • Edward Mateo
  • Evan Saxon
  • Josh Ong
  • Jay Ostler
  • Ailene Ignacio
  • Patricia Payuyo
  • Jesse B. Aquino
  • Manuel Matic
  • Hilda T. Mauro
  • Antonio Dental Corp
  • Christine Morla
  • Daphne Jean J. Auza
  • Winston Emano
  • Marshall Wong
  • Christine M. Smith
  • Lynard Garcia
  • Francesco Siquieros

Fiscal Sponsor

GASA Charities Inc.
12321 Saticoy St.
North Hollywood, CA 91605